Thursday, July 3, 2008

Portrait of a Self Portrait

I thought I would post a visual description of what happens when something goes wrong. I decided to paint this in more saturated colours and then changed my mind. Now I've gotten it muddy and thick and will have to wait until it dries a bit before I continue. Yes, I will fix the glasses.

Stay tuned for the finished painting.

The digital camera is one of the greatest technological advances, and as most teenagers are aware, they provide for hours and hours of entertainment. I'm sure you've seen these technically savvy kids ... stretching out their arms, turning the camera towards themselves and shooting a perfect photo of themselves and seventeen of their closest friends. The cameras are also wonderful when they're alone. All they need is a mirror, bathroom, hallway, any mirror will do, and their trusty digital and they can shoot hundreds of expressive shots and then delete them all with a click of a button.

And the lesson to be learned here is to remember to delete.


David said...

I really like this one. I wouldn't change a thing, but perhaps the "apparent with of the glasses under the hair" and the hard-ish, perhaps too-dark line around the jaw-line,

Other than that, this is a great portrait.

And I will not care if you delete this comment.

Changing anything else on that piece would probably ruin a good painting.

shane said...

I am too novice in the field of paintings and canvasing so I am not in a position to derive drawbacks from the painting here, but for some reason this was most appealing to me. I have been looking for methods to do Photos on canvas methods, for a start the paintings would not be a bad idea at all.