Monday, May 25, 2009

David R. Darrow Online Workshop

This is the reference photo for yesterday's painting. How did I do? :)

I was pleased to be in attendance this past weekend at David Darrow's (Dave the Painting Guy) first interactive online workshop. I've known David since he first helped me create this blog, and I've always considered him one of my mentors. So when I heard about his online workshop, I absolutely had to be there.

David is an accomplished portrait painter and a patient and knowledgeable teacher. The 16 participants were extremely pleased with the instruction, fair but kind critiques (we uploaded photos 4 times over the weekend) and the fun relaxed atmosphere. It was wonderful to participate from the comfort of my own studio. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the amount of interaction with the instructor by far surpassed any of the workshops I've taken locally. I give this workshop five stars. :)

David will be conducting the same workshop again this coming weekend. To find out more about this or other upcoming workshops Click here for info.

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